Story Behind

What social firms are?

Social Firms are a peculiar business model that address the problem of unemployment for people with disabilities and other impediments in the traditional business industry. The first social firms were founded in Italy in the late 1970s by mental health therapists and former psychiatric patients during the time when the Italian mental healthcare system was essentially reformed.

The main aspiration was to form a new way of working with an empowering environment focussing on the true potential of people rather than on impediments and disabilities. As a result, the number of Social Firms in Italy and later across other countries in Europe increased constantly.

Despite their popularity in other developed countries, Social Firms are not spread throughout Japan. As a new reality begins, they are slowly rising up all over the country, gradually changing the way people see both mental and physical disability.

Soteria Firm goal

Inspired by Italian social enterprises and in a close collaboration with some of them, Tokyo Soteria aims to create an environment that can make people with mental disadvantages feel at ease. While they are working for good causes like: promoting healthy and local food, servicing customers at their best, learning how to prepare food in a safe and professional way, Soteria strives to create an environment in which they can feel free to express themselves and improve their talents.

Soteria Firm approach to customers

We will approach customers with a happy smile and uplifting attitude to ensure the serenity of the atmosphere. When someone comes to our shop, we welcome them with and open heart to ensure that they feel important. We make sure to make that every customer does not leave unhappy and to make sure they get what they need.

And to vegetarians

Soteria also welcomes and atones for vegetarians as well. We will have delectable options for people who choose this life style as we do not judge anyone. Our food is made with fresh and clean ingredients, that in most of the choices is also suitable for people affected by celiac disease.

A message for social workers

All social workers are created equal. And all social workers are created different. Together, the differences form a harmony singing a well-orchestrated melody. The beauty is in the harmony.

What is Slow Food?

Slow Food is an reality that promotes local food and traditional cooking. It was created in Italy by Carlo Petrini in 1986. Its goal is to preserve traditional and local cuisine encouraging farming of plants characteristic of the local ecosystem. It promotes local small businesses and sustainable foods. It speaks out against overproduction and food waste. It sees globalization as a process in which small and local farmers and food producers should be simultaneously protected from and included in the global food system.


ソーシャルファームとは、伝統的なビジネス業界における障害者の失業やその他の障壁に取り組むための独特なビジネスモデルです。 最初のソーシャルファームは、イタリアの精神保健ケアシステムが本質的に改革された時期に、精神保健セラピストと元精神病患者によって1970年代後半にイタリアで設立されました。

一番の目的は、障害や不具合ではなく、人々の真の可能性に焦点を当てた、エンパワーされる環境での新しい働き方を作り上げることでした。 その結果、イタリアで、そしてその後ヨーロッパの他の国々でソーシャルファームの数は次第に増加しました。

他の先進国で人気があるにもかかわらず、ソーシャルファームは日本には広まっていません。 新しく現実的なものとして、ソーシャルファームは国内でゆっくりと浸透し、精神および身体的障害への見方を徐々に変えています。




落ち着いた雰囲気を実現するために、笑顔と高揚感を持ってお客様に対応します。 当店にお越しの際は、大切にされていると感じていただけるよう心を込めて歓迎いたします。 私たちは、すべてのお客様に不満が残らず、必要なものを必ず得られるようにします。


ソテリアは菜食主義者を歓迎します。 私たちはこのライフスタイルを選択する人々を選り好みせず、誰のことも決めつけません。我々の食品は新鮮で清潔な食材で作られているため、ほとんどの選択肢に叶います。またグルテンフリーです。


すべてのソーシャルワーカーは平等な存在です。 そして、すべてのソーシャルワーカーは異なる存在です。一緒になると、この違いがよく調整されたオーケストラのメロディーを奏でます。美しさの調和です。